High Pressure Gas Coalescing Filters

CURRENT INVENTORY - subject to prior sale:

QTY 2 – Ready for immediate delivery


JCI Model  JVC-3-8-1440-1-336-STD-CS

Size: 8-5/8″ OD x 118-3/8″ OAH

Design: 1440 psig @ 130°F

External Design: 0 psig @ 130°F

MDMT: -49°F

Corrosion Allowance: 1/8″

MODCO 8″ CL600 vertical quick opening closure

Blast, prime, and paint per JCI Standard (Safety Blue)

Nozzle Schedule:

High Pressure Gas Coalescing FIlters Nozzle Schedule.png


(1) Jonell JPMG-336-R-CE Coalescing Element

(1) JCI Riser Support


Please refer to JVCS Sizing Information on Page 7 of our Gas Coalescer Brochure.