Sand Separator Vessels

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The standard JCI vertical sand separator is a screen-based separator design intended for low to medium sand capacity applications. A variety of screen and vessel diameters is offered for applications with high liquid and natural gas flow rates. Each unit is set up for manual or automated blow-down, which is triggered via differential pressure across the screen. This single compartment setup allows for a small foot print where space constraints exist. Easy access to the screen is gained through a quick opening closure located on top of the vessel.


JCI screen-based sand separators are available in a high capacity configuration with a horizontal sump. The T-Barrel™ is designed with two individual compartments: the screen separator compartment and the storage compartment. This design allows for high loading of liquids and solids with the ability to handle liquid slugs.  The sump offers a horizontal quick opening closure for simple, ground-level manual cleanout.  The diameter and length of the horizontal barrel is sized to suit individual process conditions. Multiple screen designs are also available for extremely high flow rates of natural gas and liquids.  

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