Cyclone Separator Vessels


The JCI Horizontal Inline Cyclonic Separator coalesces and separates liquids from gas streams via an axial cyclone tube bundle.  Compared to traditional technologies, the JCI Inline Cyclonic Separator is an extremely compact design, and intended for gas dominant applications and low liquid content.  This style of separator has quickly become the separator of choice for suction scrubber applications for pipeline and midstream companies.


The JCI Vertical Cyclone Separator coalesces and separates liquids from a gas dominant feed stream.  Where traditional technologies, such as mesh pads or vane packs, may have issues with turndown and fouling, the JCI Vertical Separator will improve performance in these areas.  Typical applications include inlet separators to gas plants, steam separators, and scrubbers.


The JCI Dual Cyclone Separator (patent application number 15227799) is designed for liquid removal from a gas dominant process stream. This style of cyclone separator allows for compact sizes and is becoming a favourite for vertical compressor package suction scrubbers due to its compact design, lack of maintenance (this design is much more resistant to fouling than traditional designs such as mech or vane packs) and excellent turndown (4:1 or better is typically achievable).  Side inlet, top outlet designs are typical and inline designs are available for certain sizes upon request.  This design does not require a mesh pad or vane pack downstream to achieve sufficient removal of liquid particles upstream of a compressor.


The JCI Multicyclone Separator will remove solid contaminant and coalesces and separates liquids from gas streams via tangential entry, reverse flow cyclones installed within a vertical vessel.   This technology may be used on its own or in conjunction with other coalescing technologies to provide separation while unloading the downstream coalescing device to extend the time before cleaning or replacement is required.  Another unique benefit to this style of separator is the ability to remove solids, such as sand, from a dry gas feed.