Gas Coalescers

Gas Coalescers have been part of the oil and gas industry since the early 1980s. Also known as Reverse Flow Coalescers, their primary function is to remove liquid aerosols from natural gas streams. Their function may be as simple as removing contaminants to bring natural gas to pipeline specifications, or to protect expensive downstream equipment.    Download literature

Gas Filter Separators

A work horse of the gas industry, the Filter Separator is one of the most widely-used filtration devices on the market. Introduced over 50 years ago, it has become the equipment of choice to purify natural gas and protect your capital investment.    Download Literature

Dry Gas Filters

Gas Particulate Filters (also known as Dry Gas or Dust Filters) remove solid particulate from natural gas, in which no liquid contaminant is present. Equipped with high efficiency cartridges, this type of vessel offers an efficient method of filtering small to moderate quantities of solids to protect critical equipment or remove carryover contaminant from various processes.

Liquid-Liquid Coalescers

JCI designs and manufactures liquid-liquid coalescers, which are designed to separated two phases of immiscible liquids such as water from HC liquid, diesel, etc.

Condensate Conditioners

Condensate conditioners utilize co-knit mesh or stainless steel only designs to remove trace amounts of water from condensate, so that it can be combined with dehydrated gas downstream of a glycol dehydration unit.

Particulate Filters (Amine and Glycol)

Liquid Particulate Filters are able to remove particulate from a liquid such as amine, glycol, or water.  JCI has extensive experience in these applications and will ensure that the correct filter element is used to optimize efficiency and filter life for a given application.

Carbon / Charcoal Filters

JCI can design and manufacture activated carbon / charcoal filters for gas and liquid applications.  Contact JCI to review your application.

Liquid Bag Housings

JCI Filtration & Separation (JCI) is a supplier of produced water filtration products and complete packages for a wide range of operating conditions. Our offering ranges from simple off-the-shelf bag housings to custom designed filtration equipment and cartridges to suit any specifications. We offer technical expertise in filter sizing to accommodate specific flow rates, solids loading and change-out interval requirements.

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