About JCI Group

JCI Group is comprised of three technical product companies, each with a specialized area of expertise:

  • JCI Filtration & Separation Inc. specializes in impingement separation technology (wire mesh mist eliminators, vane packs, inlet devices, etc), coalescing filters, and particulate filters for natural gas processing, compression, pipeline, produced water and refining applications.
  • JCI Cyclonics Ltd. specializes in the application of cyclonic separation technology for refining and natural gas processing, compression and pipeline services.
  • JCI Sand Separators Ltd. specializes in the application of cyclonic and sieve-based technologies in the removal of sand and debris in natural gas applications.

JCI Filtration & Separation Inc.

JCI Filtration & Separation Inc. is a privately-owned business incorporated in May, 2004 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Originally conceived as a fabricator of mesh and vane separation internals and a distributor for Jonell filtration products, JCI today has grown into a leader in applying the latest technology and testing into solutions for process industries. In addition to traditional filtration and separation applications, JCI engineers also specialize in vessel retro-fits, foaming, slugging, waxing and salting services.

Our location in Calgary, Alberta is a 53,000 square-foot roof-covered facility which includes office, warehouse, R&D and manufacturing areas. We operate satellite offices with warehouses in Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Alberta and Fort St. John, B.C. from which we deliver replacement filters and technical field services.

JCI stocks a large range of filter elements, including gas coalescers and filter-separator cartridges, bag filters, instrumentation filters, melt-blown and string wound elements, bulk carbon and carbon canisters for adsorption of impurities.

By keeping a large selection of specialty metals and with a company mindset cultivated to understand and support rush orders, JCI is uniquely qualified and successful in supporting gas plant and refinery turnarounds and satisfying high urgency requirements (i.e., meshpads, vane packs, coalescers).

With a focus on the North American market, JCI engineers solutions and ships product to all continents.

JCI Cyclonics Ltd.

JCI Cyclonics Ltd. is a privately owned Canadian company headquartered in Calgary, AB. Using proven technology, JCI is dedicated to providing cyclonic separation solutions to the oil and gas industry. JCI offers a complete range of cost effective products to satisfy any application, including gas-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-liquid, or solid-liquid separation.

At JCI we are passionate about cyclonic separation and are committed to always improving our product line. Research and development is important to us — we have models to test existing designs and to develop new or improve existing products. We are in the process of expanding our test facility, which will increase our R&D capabilities and allow us to meet the demand of our growing customer base.

JCI Sand Separators Ltd.

JCI Sand Separators Ltd. specializes in the application of cyclonic and sieve-based technologies in the removal of sand and debris in natural gas applications.

Research & Development

JCI is committed to providing quality products that meet our customers’ ever demanding performance requirements.